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This work is about power and people. It is intended to be a place where people may come to meet their social memory, and also their social performance. That’s why this project is named Kampfzeit (the time of struggle).

1. people

The line that distinguishes what is good from what is evil is sometimes a thin and blur one. That was a clear lesson from WWII: people that helped and made possible one of the darkest moments of humankind were common people, all good fathers and mothers and workers, and so on. How was this possible? How was it possible that all those people, all those millions of Germans, were so blind for so long? How is it possible to accept all those horrors and, at the same time, being proud of being like that? More than wartime and political leaders, what beats me is people: how was it possible?

2. power

Now the question is: who wants what? Was it Hitler who wanted more territory or was the german people willing to smash everything around? So, what does the leader do, and why. In the name of people.


The idea developed and presented here is a kind of anti-memorial: building a place where people could consider that everything has an origin, and that, if it is true that present started in the past, it is also true that past is kind of a mirror to the present.